Seeing the Wasteland, and Surviving

An outline

The So'Kalee Wasteland is a dangerous, unforgiving desert bordered by mountains to the north, the endless Great Waste to the east, and a dry, barren coastline stretching as far as the eye sees. But a new civilization is arising, a hub of commerce and pure, potable drinking water. This bartertown, the Hub, as it's known, trades across the entire region, from Nimitz in the Glowlands to the sleepy steads beyond the Shaved Peaks. 

Our heroes (to be used very, very lightly) are employed by a great merchant house to ferry cargo to and from the Hub, traveling to outlying steads and remnant enclaves to bring food, scrap, and other goods in and ship large amounts of water out. In their journeys, they've fought raiders and mutants, blasted beasts and blown apart militant remnants. 

The future is uncertain, save for the certainty that conflict will follow them further afield, to wherever they wander… 


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